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The Han River RP
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❝ welcome!
Hey Rivermates~ First off I’d like to welcome you all to The Han River RP! You’ve stumbled upon the favorite hang out place for the world’s favorite people, but before you jump in, do take a moment to look and test the waters. Yeah, pun intended haha~ But really, we do want you to have a wonderful stay by the river we now wish to call home.

❝ so how does this go ?
Yo Taemin ah, let's try some Noisy bit~ Haha, because yeah, we need to keep everyone noisy, but with a tad bit of order. Let's all start with the basics, yeah?

Ne hyung! First of all, please check the claims and holds list before claiming! Oh! And when you do take a hold, remember that's good for only 5 days.

And we gotta keep it down to two muses in this home, preferably those who don't crossclaim either. Actually, I think there should be no crossclaiming, just to keep the network open for new friends and families. Sound good?

Ne! Make good relationships with those around you~ Effort is everything! And of course, to do that, you need a journal and screenname to keep communication open!

And when journals and SNs are involved, we of course need to let people know what we're up to once in a while. Once a month is fine and dandy as it is, so take a few moments to give us a shout and tell us how you are. We'd love to know!

And it'd be nice if you brought something up for discussion, or anything else people could participate and respond to~ We all like watching videos, but variety is good! Because while most of your interaction is probably going to be through your screenname or in person, the community is a good place to lay a foundation!

But of course, Taemin, we need to remind them that though we have foundation and pretty good ties with each other, we still need to remember to keep the muns out of it. What happens in our home shouldn't be mixed up with what happens in real.

Of course, Yunho hyung! That means no metagaming, and... what was the other one?

God moding, Taemin ah~ While we can't use OOC info in the game, we also shouldn't feel like we're gods or something, and hurt other people with that OMG I'M MORE AWESOME THAN YOU vibe. Gotta keep the peace~

Haha, that's right, hyung. Keep the peace, everybody! And if anything ever comes up, like you can't be around for a while, or you have a question, or want to send somebody something, or even--and we hope this doesn't happen, but--if you think the Han isn't for you and it's time to go, then all that should be done at rivernotes!

Let's just hope that isn't the case most of the time, yeah? Haha~ But we gotta make sure that everyone's gotten Siwon's (slash Jesus') rules down. I'm sure if they did, they'd be awesome and have the words [SEOUL SPARKLING] in their title, and they'd have their claims tagged as ! claim.

And I think that should be about it, right hyung?

Yep, that sounds absolutely great, Taemin ah. ^^ But let's not forget to tell everyone that these rules were made by none other than Choi Siwon. We simply made it a lot easier for everyone to understand because it's hard to decipher the call from JESUS.

Aish, hyung, haha...

❝ any more questions ?
Let us know! A PM, post at the uber community, or IM are all open methods of communication!
Jung Yunho xxuknow ☎ its Yunho
Lee Taemin taeminee ☎ h4ppy v1rus
Choi Siwon goodwithkids ☎ heyitsshiwon

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